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Vogue 1329 Kay Unger Colourblock Dress

Hello all,

I just finished Vogue 1329 and could not be happier with the end result.  Here is the picture from the Vogue website.


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I’m Gonna Make You An Offer You Can’t Refuse

A few years ago I bought a Pfaff Hobbylock.  I brought it home and promptly named it Fraulein Schweiger (name that movie).  It wasn’t a big investment and has served me well through garments, costumes, drapes and so on.  In its short time with me, it has pumped out miles of lovely finished seams.

I wasn’t always diligent at keeping it as lint free as one should, however I did give it an overhaul every month or two; removing debris and oiling the moving parts.

But lately it seemed that I fought with it more often than not.  So, while out running errands today, I took it in for servicing.

The lovely gentleman there truly made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.  He paid me just shy of my original purchase price to trade in on a new serger.  The cost to repair was such that it just didn’t make sense to do anything other than take the deal.  Sigh, what’s a girl to do.

Here is my shiny new Janome, fresh out of the box.  image

Happy Valentines Day indeed!



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Double, double toil and trouble; Simplicity 9891

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I have had a slow start to my RTW fast as I have been working on some costumes for a high school production of Macbeth.

Here is a picture of two dresses that I have made so far.  These are both for Lady Macbeth.  I have taken to calling the striped one “The VonTrapp” as it started out as a pair of drapes and a tablecloth.



The pattern used is Simplicity 9891 and both dresses are view B.

These came together very quickly and with no issues.  Thankfully, between the ties at the front and others at the back, fitting has been a breeze.  All they need is to be taken in a pinch at the back seam and hemmed.

I have one more to make for Lady Macduff which I will post when completed.

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2015 – The Ready to Wear 365 Fast

Happy New Year all and welcome!

Inspired by the many participants in the 2014 RTW Fast, I have decided to join the foray and test my sewing mettle.

Thank you to Sarah Gunn of for graciously hosting again this year.

What is a Ready to Wear Fast you ask?  It is a sewing challenge where I will refrain from buying all clothing for a year.  Any new additions to my wardrobe will be sewn with the only exceptions being undergarments, shoes and accessories.

My goal is to focus on fabric, fit and technique.  I daresay this will not be a cost savings exercise; rather it will be a means of continuous learning and honing of skills.

I am truly looking forward to this and welcome you to join me.

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