• BurdaStyle

    BurdaStyle 6387 – A New Dress Coat and Annual Sewing Tradition

    Hello all, I hope this post finds you all well; body, mind and soul. It has been so long since I have written, and I have missed the journaling part of my activities.  Much has happened in the last six months.  Most importantly, I started a new job which has brought long hours, much learning and a well needed, fresh outlook.  The downside to this of course, has been less sewing while I adjusted to my new role, the length of my work day and the level of sheer tiredness in the evenings.

  • Butterick

    Butterick B5719 – Jacket Progress

    Hello all, I hope this post finds you all well, safe and slowly moving into our next phase of this bizarre and unfortunate mess of a year. Although I have been busy every day, I have not been doing much sewing, outside of ensuring that all my family members, friends and neighbours are well equipped with masks for the coming months.  My days of sewing rectangles out of all the quilting fabric I have collected over the years are now over, for the time being.

  • PPE Sewing

    Checking In

    Hello all, It has been weeks since I last posted.  I hope you are all well – body, mind and soul.  I thought I would write a quick post to check in and let you know what I have been up to. Early in March, my mum, sisters and I flew to England with my father’s remains.  His final wish was to be laid to rest “back home.”  Of course, the timing could not have been worse, although the trip had been planned and booked for months.  And while we were only there a few days, it was incredibly tense and worrisome.

  • Butterick

    Butterick B5719 – Next On The Cutting Table

    Hello all, I’m going to take a little time for some unselfish sewing, which is a rare thing for me.  My daughter will soon be entering the final leg of her Masters program at University (says the shamelessly proud mum) and will be working through a summer internship. She is in the process of building her professional wardrobe, and was interested in the boucle jacket I made recently using Vogue 7975.   Rather than repeat that pattern for her, I have decided to use Butterick 5719 and make both a jacket and a co-ordinating suit skirt. She and I made a trip to our local Fabricland where she chose a boucle…

  • Recipes

    1 Hour Simple and Delicious Granola

    Hello all, This weekend has been a bit of a write off as my family are all down for the count with a nasty cold. So, I have been quietly puttering about, disinfecting surfaces, sewing and baking.  As no one seems to have much of an appetite, I thought something simple, that everyone loves, like granola might do the trick. I make this recipe a few times a year and although it makes quite a lot (10+ cups), it doesn’t last long.  We all become fools for a yogurt parfait when I have this in the cupboard. Some sliced bananas, a few berries topped with yogurt and granola.  Voila –…