Butterick B5719 – Jacket Progress

Hello all,

I hope this post finds you all well, safe and slowly moving into our next phase of this bizarre and unfortunate mess of a year.

Although I have been busy every day, I have not been doing much sewing, outside of ensuring that all my family members, friends and neighbours are well equipped with masks for the coming months.  My days of sewing rectangles out of all the quilting fabric I have collected over the years are now over, for the time being.

The last two days have been rainy and dull, and so I have focused my attention back to Butterick B5719.  This is a multi piece pattern with two “French style” jackets, a sleeveless sheath dress, a skirt and pair of pants.

As my daughter is finishing up her graduate studies and will soon be looking to enter the work force, we have been collecting staples and pieces for her future work wardrobe.

She chose a boucle knit from the “Jackie Boucle Tweed” collection at our local Fabricland, and we co-ordinated a pink Bemberg lining.  We bought enough of the boucle to make a jacket and a matching skirt.  When the lockdown eases, we will hunt for a dark pink wool or crepe to make the slim fit sheath style dress.

But for now, my focus is on the jacket.  I started with View B and have finished the shell, and added the lining.

After a pre hem fitting, we have determined that the jacket is just too long.  She is quite tall, but the long jacket version was overbearing on her slim frame.  So the tasks at hand for today are to pull the princess darts in a bit further at her midsection, both front and back, and to lose quite a few inches in the length.

More to come,

Stay safe and bye for now.


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