Butterick B5719 – Next On The Cutting Table

Hello all,

I’m going to take a little time for some unselfish sewing, which is a rare thing for me.  My daughter will soon be entering the final leg of her Masters program at University (says the shamelessly proud mum) and will be working through a summer internship.

She is in the process of building her professional wardrobe, and was interested in the boucle jacket I made recently using Vogue 7975.   Rather than repeat that pattern for her, I have decided to use Butterick 5719 and make both a jacket and a co-ordinating suit skirt.

She and I made a trip to our local Fabricland where she chose a boucle from their “Jackie” collection in multiple shades of pink, and we got some lovely pink Bemberg to co-ordinate.

And look at that fringe on the selvedge!  I’m going to try to incorporate it into the cuff and neckline trim if I can.

Unlike the jacket I made for myself, I will not be using the 70+ hours of quilting and hand sewing method.  Time simply doesn’t allow for that and so I will use the instructions as written.  This afternoon, I traced off View A of the jacket and I’ll get started on it tomorrow.  I’m heading overseas next week and am hoping to get the shell of the jacket basted together so that I can at least get the fit sorted before I go.  We’ll see…

Bye for now,



  • Andrea

    Hi Laura, it is really nice with the varying shades of pink. I’m hoping to use some of the selvedge trim along perhaps with cream or blush gimp or braid. Not too sure yet.

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