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Hello all,

I just finished the sweater/jacket portion of Vogue V1663 as part of a sew along through one of my online groups.  The Vogue pattern as a whole is a co-ordinated wardrobe comprised of three garments; the jacket, a long sleeved knit top and knit pants.  I do plan on making the other pieces, and will use the recommended Ponte to do so, but haven’t decided on colour yet.  I’ll trace off the patterns this weekend and decide then.

But back to the sweater jacket.  This was labeled as “easy” and it certainly was.  I made my usual adjustments to the traced pattern, lengthening the fronts, back and sleeves by 1″.  

The back piece of the pattern has pleats which should fall in the small of the back. A quick tissue fit had them a bit higher than that on me and so I lowered them by an inch as well by retracing the pleat markings and simply pasting them over the originals in their lowered placement.

The suggested fabrics are sweatshirt fleece or boiled wool. I chose the latter in powder blue from my local Fabricland. I own nothing in pale blue currently, but I am trying to ensure that anything I sew or buy must match or co-ordinate with at least two other items in my wardrobe. And since I own a lot of black, navy and some beige, I felt this was a good fit.

The pattern went together really easily but I do have a couple of thoughts on the instructions. I am an intermediate to advanced in my sewing skills, and I must tell you that I struggled with the directions as written for the back pleating. I ended up simply going by the photo on the pattern sleeve and past experience to sort it out. Also, the suggestion was to pink the raw edges which is fine as none are in view when worn, but I did think that was an odd suggestion for the neck edge where the collar attaches. Again, it would not be visible while worn, but I should think that binding would be an alternative that would offer a nicer finished edge along the neckline. As I was not prepared for that and didn’t have any wide enough in my stash, I serged the area for the immediate time being. The next time I am at the fabric store, I will buy some wide binding and give it a neater finish.

The pattern did have a nice shoulder treatment in the form of stays, to give the garment some structure.

These are a great idea and I have traced the pattern for them on some card stock for future use with other knits or as a jumping off point for shoulder padding.

I had a bit of trouble with the patch pockets – namely, the rounded lower edges. My fabric was too thick to make them work as designed. I fussed with them for a bit and then decided that a mock mitre edge would work just as well and would come out more even for me.

A couple of pictures of the back pleat construction:

From start to finish, I’d say this took the better part of three afternoons to put together.

It’s cute and cozy and I do really like it, but here’s the thing… I think that between the fuzzy boiled wool, and the pastel shade I chose, I keep asking myself, “have I just made a bathrobe?” I wonder if I had chosen a Ponte or a dark colour, I would feel this way about it.

I’ll check with my fellow sew along mates to see how they are coming along with theirs and if they feel the same way.

It will be very good for our Canadian spring and autumn weather, to be sure.

Bye for now,


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