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Vogue 1663 – Three Piece Co-ordinates

Hello all and Happy New Year,

Well, we made it through another year and are now at the start of the ’20s!  Have you made any sewing resolutions?  I haven’t really, but do plan on making some time to add some much needed basics to my wardrobe.  I made this my focus a few years ago, and need to do so again.  Items like knit tops, cardigans and basic dresses in solid colours provide good foundation layers in any wardrobe.

I’ve mentioned before that I belong to a number of sewing groups in Facebook.  In one, we are starting a group sew of Vogue 1663.  Here is the pattern sleeve photo:

I don’t normally sew more than one garment at a time and I am midway through V7975 – my French style jacket.  With that garment, I am moving into the significant task of hand sewing all the lining seams together.  Because it is a lot of hand sewing, I felt that a more easy sewing project might be a good diversion for times when a break from the handiwork was needed.

Vogue 1663 is a three piece co-ordinate pattern.  I’m starting with the jacket and so far have traced it and made my standard pattern adjustments.

The below photo is the traced pattern “as is” with no adjustments.

At first glance, it seems to be quite simple, and being unlined will make it go along faster.

I have adjusted the traced pattern with my standard lengthening; adding an inch to the fronts, back and sleeves.

Another adjustment made is on the back piece, where I have lowered the pleating.  This should fall in the small of the back, and a quick tissue fit on me had it sitting a bit higher.  All I did here, was to retrace the pleating marks and move them down an inch. See below:

The pattern calls for boiled wool or a knit with a 30% stretch.  I bought a poly/wool blend from my local Fabricland in a pale blue.  I would say it has more “give” than stretch, but I think it will do nicely.

I’ll cut it out tomorrow when I am ready for a break from hand sewing.

More to come,


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