Vogue 7975 – Some Progress And A Reality Check


Hello all,

I have made some steady progress on my Vogue 7975 and I must say to all that have made this, or any other version of the French jacket – well done you!

Before I started, I read many pattern reviews, and tutorials to familiarize myself with the process and reap the benefit of any helpful tricks and tips imparted from others. And while every article, blog post and Youtube video had varying methods in the construction, they all were unanimous in one thing. This jacket would take upwards of 70 hours to complete.

Thus far, I have:

  • Traced my pattern
  • Made the usual length adjustments
  • Block fused my fabric
  • Cut the pieces out of my fabric
  • Serged each piece
  • Quilted each lining piece to its corresponding fabric piece
  • Sewed the back, side back, front, side front and shoulder seams together
  • Had a visit and a cup of tea with my mum while she pinned some adjustments
The lightweight fusible interfacing that I chose to add some strength and mitigate fraying and stretching of my fabric pieces, once cut.
Block fusing. I used my kitchen island for this task as it provided the space I needed and the stone counters can handle the heat.
Interfaced, cut and serged.
Tacking the seam allowances and marking out the quilting lines.

The above picture might be a bit difficult to see. I used orange thread and white chalk to mark each piece for quilting. You can see the lining behind the fabric. Each seam allowance was measured out and tacked. From there, I marked out a dotted line to follow for quilting.

This was the real time consuming piece. Measuring each lining piece for the seam allowances and then quilting within those parameters (as straight as possible)
Before a fitting and adjusment.

The above picture shows the shell before any fitting and adjustment. There was a swing effect from the lower waist to the bottom hemline that needed to be taken in. This pattern is drafted beautifully with a back, side back and side front which allows for some fine tuning and a truly custom fit.

We took in 1.5 inches at the base of each back/side back seam and then a further half inch at the side back/side front seams. These were tapered and eased into the waistline. So far, it is still pinned and resting on my dress form. I will sew the adjustments tomorrow afternoon. But you can see what a difference this has made below.

I have expended at least 30 hours so far, and I have yet to fit the sleeves, and begin the significant task of hand sewing all the lining seams, the neck and front edge, and the hems. And then there will be the fun job of creating some edge trims.

So 70 hours? Absolutely, and then some.

There is much more to come.

Bye for now,



  • Laura Casey

    Boy is this a job or what! I know nothing about the process….decided my life is casual, so need for a Couture jacket….but applaud your efforts and look forward to seeing you in it with a big smile.

  • Andrea

    Hi Laura. It is a lot of work, to be sure. Fool me – I have gone from one complex project right to another. I shall have to find an easy sew to break it up.
    I’m hoping that this jacket will be able to pair up with a skirt or a decent pair of jeans. We’ll see…

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