Vogue V1562 Lialia Double Breasted Coat

Vogue published V1562 quite some time ago.  Two years perhaps?  I loved it straight away for the lines, the mock back belt and the sleeve cuff treatment.  Here are a couple of pictures of the pattern envelope. 

Vogue 1562 Pattern

Vogue Pattern Back

Although I purchased the pattern immediately, I had set it aside while I searched for the right fabric.  I knew that I wanted to make it up in either a navy blue or a crimson wool, but couldn’t find what I was envisioning in my local fabric shops unfortunately.

As luck would have it, I had an opportunity to accompany my daughter on a trip to New York, and while our visit was only a few days, I brought a full sized suitcase in anticipation of fabric shopping. And what a great decision that was – talk about being spoiled for choice!

I bought some lovely navy blue wool gabardine from Mood Fabrics (among other things…a story for another day) It is a medium weight with a beautiful sheen which has sewn up wonderfully.

A change I made to this pattern is the omission of the breast pocket on the left hand side. I simply wasn’t keen enough or confident enough in my ability to produce a welt that would lay flat enough. So, when in doubt, leave it out. A decision that I don’t regret in the least.

One thing I do regret is the lining. I chose a plain, navy Bemberg. A classic lining for a classic coat. At the time, I was looking at the 20+ pattern pieces and thinking that simple would be best with the lining. In hindsight however, I do wish I had looked out an alternative colour or funky print.

Love this mock belt!
Love the mock belt!

With many patterns, I will make two or sometimes three versions if I like it enough. I won’t do that with this coat. The detail and style is unique enough that one in my wardrobe will do quite nicely.

A close up of the sleeve and cuff treatment

Now, for some online shopping in search of navy or perhaps plum coloured gloves.

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