Vogue 1422

One of the great benefits of social media, is the way in which it brings like minded individuals together from around our world. I have had the pleasure of being part of a Facebook group, led by an encouraging and ever cheerful host over the past year or so. The leader selects a pattern and the participants all work away on their own version, posting steps, challenges and progress pictures along the way. The sewing talent of the members is inspiring as we all tackle our pattern together; each of us finishing with a garment as unique as our fabric choice. Although I don’t participate in every challenge, I am always a keen observer.

One of my favourites has been Vogue 1422. What a dress! Fabric, lining, underlining and stretch mesh all layered for a gorgeous result.

Now, I have always been a die hard pattern tracer. Weight fluctuations, terribly fragile tissue and a desire to make favourites more than once are a few of the reasons that I could never bring myself to cut into my patterns. Lately though, my husband has questioned why I am not placing value on my time versus the cost of a pattern. He suggested that rather than spending an hour or so taping, tracing and cutting, that I should just purchase two copies of a pattern that I think I will make more than once. Cut one, save one. And he is absolutely right. I had already traced this one out though. Next time…

I bought all my materials from my local Fabricland. The teal fabric also came in a solid, but I was really drawn to the large roses. Bemberg lining, organza underlining for the skirt and a stretch mesh lining for the bodice. Here we go…

Bodice front
Bodice back
Stretch mesh bodice lining. How persnickety was this stuff to sew!
Organza skirt underlining view 1
…and view 2
Inside out to show fabric and underlining together
The lining is added
The zipper is installed (unpicked, and re-sewn)
Completed back view
The finished front view

An added benefit of the sewing group is that it makes you give patterns a second look. Surely, I had seen this pattern on Vogue’s website, but it wasn’t until it became the group choice that I really noticed it. And I am very glad that I opted in.

Would I make this again? Absolutely. If I do, it will be in a solid colour and I think this would make an excellent “little black dress”.

Bye for now,



  • Andrea

    Hi Barbara. It was called for in the pattern. My only other experience with it dates back years ago when I made tutus for my daughters dance troupe. Because I was part of a sewing group, I stuck to exactly what the pattern dictated. Another time, I would consider a light Lycra.

  • Barbara J

    So interesting that a pattern using a woven called for a stretchy lining. I realize you used a stretch woven but that is still much more stable than a knit. Well, in any case, your dress turned out great!

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