In Pursuit of A Winter Wardrobe – McCalls 6993

Hello all,

Have you ever had a project that you know is heading south, but you keep going?  Me too, more times than I care to admit.  This skirt, or rather, the yoke of this skirt is one of those projects.


View A of McCalls 6993 called out to me.  The front godets are quite sharp and bring interest to what would otherwise be just a plain A-line skirt.  Add to that, a need for some longer skirts to add to my winter work wardrobe and we have a winner…somewhat.

The front panels with the godet inserts went together quite easily.  It is only when I got to the addition of the front yoke pieces that things took a bit of a turn.

The first trouble was caused by me, and me alone.  See the line drawing and the position of the yoke panels?


Now have a look at mine which I cut and sewed backwards.  I only noticed after I had serged the edges.  After a few choice words and with a thought of “no going back now” I carried onward.


The second issue with this yoke stems from the assembly instructions.  McCalls has you sew each piece of the yoke and lining together first.  I followed their instructions to the letter while thinking that it had to be the most awkward way of doing it.  In addition, this method adds bulk to the seams needlessly.  And I ask you, what woman wants bulky seams stretching across her midsection?

So the lesson learned here is – Go With Your Gut Instinct.  If I was to sew this skirt again, I would draft a partial lining that hangs from the waist to the top of the godets, rather than mess about with bits and pieces for a lined yoke only.

Here is what I mean about bulky seams across my midsection:


With that all said, I still do love the skirt and will wear it more along these lines, with some coverage over the yoke:  (apologies for the grainy photo…I have no clue what happened here)


The pleats were the thing that drew me to the pattern in the first place and they are what I still love the most about this skirt.  Here is a closer view of them.


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