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In Progress – Spring Pops of Colour

Hello all,

I have spent the last week or so head down in home decor sewing, making new table linens for a dear friend and a valance for our master bedroom window.  In years past, I would dread that kind of sewing as it is just…rectangles.  Now however, I find that every now and then there is something very soothing in a few hours of mindless, straight line sewing and pressing.  Without fittings, darts, pleats or tucks, the end result is a neatly folded stack of quickly completed projects which is always a very satisfying accomplishment.

But spring is around the corner and with that is the need to break out of the winter clothing doldrums.  I have two items in different stages of progress right now; Style Arc’s Renae Woven Dress and McCalls 3630 skirt in a bright floral.

Let’s talk about the Style Arc Renae Woven Dress first.  This was their new pattern for March and they very quickly translated it into the pdf for download through their Etsy site which you can find here.  And thank heavens for that, as the Canadian dollar has been fluctuating quite a bit of late.  The ability to purchase downloadable patterns offers such a cost savings and convenience.  Here is their sketch of the dress:


Pretty, isn’t it?  I have some leftover navy wool gabardine from my McCalls 7332 that I made and posted about here a few weeks ago.  They will become the abdomen inset pieces which will contrast nicely with some emerald green crepe that I purchased just for this project.


Looks black, but it is navy blue.  The pieces are all cut out and ready to be sewn.



But before I do, I am working on recreating a floral pencil skirt look that keeps coming up on the fashion pages of Pinterest.   Here are some of the images that are catching my interest. The first two beauties are Dolce & Gabbana and I am unsure of the third.





Using my tried and true McCalls 3630, I have my version about halfway completed.  The front and back pieces are sewn together.  I have yet to sew in the facings, finish the seams, install the zip and hem.  Here it is thus far:



A modification that I have made is to taper or peg the skirt a little to streamline it more toward the hem.  It has a pretty decent back slit and I will not compromise my stride by doing so.  And lastly, I have not decided if I will line it.  I likely will as it is a lighter weight cotton.  Lining is preferable to wearing a slip, and I think that it may also help to keep wrinkling at bay.  Either way, it will be done before the weekend and I will post some pictures.

Until then, happy sewing everyone.

Bye for now,




  • Claire

    You are on quite a Style Arc kick. I love the D&G inspired skirt–the fabric is so fun and happy. Just what we need right now to remind us that spring should be hurrying up!

  • Andrea

    Hi Claire! I’ve made a few of their garments and have been very happy with them all. The insets of the Renae have me a little nervous, but I’ll go slowly and see how we do…

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