McCalls 7332 – The Boyfriend Jacket

Hello all,

Our weather has been teasing us with some above freezing temperatures and rain instead of snow for the last couple of weeks.  In the hopes that we are looking at winter in the rear view mirror, I am turning my sewing attention to lighter weight layers.  One thing in particular that I need to add are jackets for spring.

A few hours of this weekend were spent making a start on that goal with McCalls 7332. I bought the pattern a few weeks ago along with some lightweight navy wool from my local Fabricland.  Here is the picture from the pattern envelope:


This is a very easy pattern with lots of options which is always something I lean toward.  Have a look at the back of the pattern envelope and you’ll see what I mean:


I made View B and used solid navy throughout, however my brain is already planning a colour block green and navy combination.  Another idea is to use this as part of a suit where it is paired with a pencil skirt in a printed fabric and a mostly black jacket with the skirt fabric echoed in the contrast areas.  That last thought might be too much…I’ll play around with it some more and we’ll see where it goes.

The front and back pattern pieces for view B look like this:


As I stated before, this is a very simple pattern to make with little to no fitting.  I added an inch to the sleeve length but otherwise made no pattern changes.  You’ll note that for this view there are no facings.



Right now, there is no downside to this.  My worry however is that as the jacket is worn and cleaned, the lining may stretch a little.  I recall during my years of working part time for a drycleaner while I was in University, that every now and then we would get a complaint that a garment had shrunk.  In fact, what had happened is that the lining had stretched and bagged out a little.  Time will tell if I have that issue.


This is a solid pattern for a basic wardrobe staple and I am quite pleased with the end result and the ease in which it came together.


The jacket length is perfect for me as were the sleeves.  I did choose to add an inch to them however as my intention is to wear them rolled up and wanted a little extra so that I could do so without having them halfway up my arms.


All in all, a successful project and a new jacket that is both timeless and comfortable.   I will happily make this again and recommend it to others to do so.

Bye for now,



  • Laura

    What a great make! I like how it looks on you and the color blocking possibilities. I made a vest very similar, and received lots of comments on it….and wore it for many years when I worked… I’m happily retired and wear almost all knit Tee’s.

  • Claire

    What a productive weekend of sewing and pretty photos! You have really been on a roll, Andrea. I also like to wear my sleeves rolled up.

  • Andrea

    Hi Claire,
    Yes, the last couple of weeks have been pretty relaxed around here and I have had a few more spare hours to sew which is great. I will make another one of these to go over a co-ordinating dress or skirt. I just have to come up with a combination that will not be too busy. I may post some samples and ask for feedback.

  • Andrea

    Thanks Laura, your comments are always so thoughtful. This pattern has a vest option as well and I was thinking it might be good to make with the addition of buttons or a zip. Lots of ideas…just need the time!

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