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Style Arc Italia Shirtdress – Some Progress

Hello all,

I have been working on the Style Arc Italia Shirtdress over the last day or two and I think it’s going well.  The pattern was a download off the Style Arc Etsy site which is a great option for those of us on the other side of the world.  The tradeoff of not having to wait for the mail of course, is all that matching and taping of the printed sheets.  No matter… instant gratification wins every time.

Here is the coverpage:


This is being done up in a remnant of stonewashed black denim that I found on the clearance table at my local Fabricland.  It was a steal (under $20!) and there was just enough fabric that with some creative placement and cutting, I was able to squeak out all the pieces.

So far, so good.


The pattern downloaded with all the lines matching up precisely.  The drafting is great too with front, back and bust darts for fitting as well as a collar stand, faced yoke and self faced front pieces.


(some hand stitching on the inside collar stand to be done while I watch The Big Bang Theory tonight)

There is an optional front piece for the button placket.  As you can see, I did not use it.  Sewing late in the evening after a full day at work is sometimes relaxing and sometimes a cause of missteps.  For the life of me, I could not figure out the diagram for the piece and so when I read the word “optional” I chucked it.  Today, with a few hours of sleep and a fresh brain I am kicking myself that I didn’t take the time.  To add it now would involve picking the collar stand apart and I just don’t see that ending well.  Plus there are very few scraps of extra fabric should there be the need to recut a piece.



Tonight will be hemming and adding the gusset to the bottom sides.  I’ll reserve the sleeves for Saturday afternoon.  Then there is the issue of topstitching.  The instructions say that you should plan out in advance where you are going to do any decorative topstitching.  Ugh.  My skills in that area are very weak indeed and so I may do a little with the twin needle around the collar and cuffs if I can work up the nerve.  Perhaps a light to medium grey that will show up in the completed project but not be a huge contrast will be best, just in case.  I’m a total chicken…I know.

More to come…

Bye for now,


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