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Sunday Power Sewing and Stash Busting – New Look 6838

Hello all,

Down in my sewing room, I have three Rubbermaid totes full of fabric along with several bags of additional yardage piled on top, tucked in to drawers and hanging in closets.  Now, I know that some of you will read that and say “Pfft…what a Rookie!” however the disorganization of it is what is bothering me, more than the quantity.  I stopped myself from going out to buy an additional tote with the intent that I am going to figure out a better system.  Please feel free to let me know of any ideas you may have.

That said, I decided to use some of it (now there’s an idea!) to add a couple of layering pieces to my wardrobe and I pulled out New Look 6838 which I have made before here and the striped version that is shown here.  Here is the pattern envelope:


Because this is such a simple top, I was able to have a power sewing Sunday and make two versions; one with sleeves and one without.  For both, I used Ponte knits that I had leftover from other projects – bonus.

Here is the royal blue version:


While I love the boatneck style as I think it flatters anyone, can you see what is happening with my left shoulder?  The wide bateau line has the tendency to slip around, causing your bra straps to be exposed.



Ann of Gorgeous Fabrics has posted a neat and simple solution to this issue here, where she sewed a small rectangle of fabric across the shoulder, thus providing some extra coverage.  Clever girl!

So for my next iteration; a sleeveless version using beige Ponte, I followed her direction.  Easy peasy and quick – just my style on a Sunday afternoon.  Thank you Ann!



I’ve made this top a few times now and although I will wear the heck out of these, it is time to be well and truly finished with it.  While it is simple to sew and great for layering under jackets and cardigans, there are many other patterns to explore and I plan on doing just that in the coming weeks.

Take care, and bye for now.





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