Fast Friday – Fabricland Member Sale

Hello all,

For those of you in Ontario who are Fabricland “Sewciety” Members, they are having a terrific sale right now which runs September 9-27.  It is an annual event and I have been keeping an eye out for it since the beginning of summer.

The one item that I have been itching to add to my sewing arsenal is a dress form and I have been looking at different manufacturers websites as well as Kijiji etc.  Now, with two kids in college and university, money has been flying out the door with lightning speed for the past couple of months.

With that in mind, this sale was very well timed.  Among the discounted items are True Form dress forms which are 50% off their regular price.  The regular price is $429.98 and I snagged this one for around $250 including taxes.


No, it isn’t a Wolf or PGM or made to my exact measurements, but as is, it is pretty darned close and can be adjusted if needed.  I can pin to it and although it is light, it is stable and will meed my immediate need for the right price.

Happy sewing everyone!

Bye for now,



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