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McCalls 6436 – A Half Hearted Effort Equals a Mediocre Blouse

Well hello all,

What an unplanned and extended sewing hiatus that was!  I am so glad to be getting back into a sewing groove.

My very small sewing room is in a little carved out niche of our lower level.  It’s lovely and cool in the summer for sewing.  (A bit of a meat locker in the winter, but that is another story).

It is however, adjacent to where my son has built himself quite a man cave with his game consoles, my old computer desk and some even older sofas from my parents.  He is as happy as a clam which is wonderful, but in the summer when school is out, the sounds of the games and the gathering of his buddies had the effect of driving me out.

That said, I had a break from sewing which extended well beyond a month.  Then, as summer wound down and I was able to find a few quiet hours it seemed that I had lost my sewing “mojo”.  Now, a normal person would have taken up a quick, fuss free project to jump start their lagging enthusiasm.  I, however chose to take a run at McCalls 6436; a blouse pattern I bought in the spring.  Here is the picture from the pattern envelope:


And here is my iteration:


This is where the expression, “good from far, but far from good” defines my end result.  I don’t really know what happened.  I didn’t take shortcuts, I pressed obsessively, I measured and marked… but for some reason I found myself unpicking and re-sewing at most every turn.  And the more I unpicked, the more frustrated I became which begat more errors and missteps.

The truly irritating part of that cycle, is that fundamentally, it is not a difficult pattern.  Two bust darts in front, two vertical darts down the back and patch pockets.  Nothing extraordinary.  I am going to chalk it up to a bit of “summer brain” and try again.

Sadly, I don’t have enough of this rayon and will have to see if I can find some more or something as close as possible to it.  It isn’t quite white and not a real cream, but somewhere in between.  Winter white is the shade, I believe.

Ah well.  There haven’t been too many end results such as this during my Ready To Wear Fast so I cannot complain.  Onward and upward.

Bye for now,



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