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McCalls 6750 – Palmer/Pletsch Sleeveless Blouse

Hello all,

Have you ever hurried home after buying a new shade of lipstick, nail polish or other item only to try it on, step back and say “what on earth was I thinking?”

Meet seersucker plaid.



I think I was having a Betty Draper, Mad Men moment when I spied the fabric in the store.  Truly, it looked so cute on the bolt and was on sale to boot.  How could I go wrong?  …far too easily it would seem.

I had bought McCalls 6750; a Palmer/Pletsch blouse pattern a few months ago.  The intent was to make something that wasn’t a T-shirt, that had some visual interest such as a collar and that would work equally paired with summer skirts and shorts.  And I wasn’t wrong.  This pattern is great for all those things and I will make it again.

Here is the line drawing from the envelope.




See?  Cute pattern with lots of options and fitting details.  Here are a couple of pictures of the front and the back.





Can you see something I should have done differently?  The horizontal bust darts throw the plaid pattern out of kilter.  A patient seamstress would have tissue fit the darts and then redrew the modified front pattern pieces so that the pattern distortion would be mitigated.  Moving on….

The pattern itself fits the bill.  Two fronts with facings, a back and neck/sleeve facings.  Some lightweight interfacing to give it some body and you’re all set.

I do like how McCalls uses the turn of fabric to create the illusion of a collar or lapels.  It’s a clever detail without being fussy.












I will make this blouse again and soon.  However I think that I will stick to a solid fabric for any other iteration.  After looking at the garment itself and then the pictures of myself wearing it, I have come to the conclusion that I like the blouse and I like the colours.  I think it is the plaid combined with the seersucker texture that is not appealing.  It feels old and a little frumpy.

The next version of this will be in a crisp white shirting with sleeves and perhaps a solid jewel tone blue or green as well for under jackets and cardigans.

So is it a wadder?  Absolutely not.  I’m calling it a muslin and a lesson learned.  Know thy self!

Bye for now,



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