Butterick 6180 – Katherine Tilton Maxi Skirt

Hello all,

I’m working on pieces that will pack and travel well as Sgt T. and I will be taking off for a few days of R&R very soon.  One such piece that I just finished is Butterick 6180, a Katherine Tilton pattern for a very cool maxi skirt.  Here are the pictures from the pattern envelope:










I saw the fabric that I wanted to use for this skirt a few weeks ago in my local Fabricland.  It was a lovely knit with stripes of dark taupe, black and cream.  Sadly, others must have found it to be lovely too as there wasn’t a scrap left when I went back.  Lesson learned.

Instead, I bought a multi print ponte knit in shades of black, beige, cream and white with some teal thrown in for good measure.  And while I don’t have the full definition of the piecing as seen on the pattern envelope, I am happy with the end result all the same.

For those of you who have designs on making this skirt, a word of warning; it runs quite large.  I tried it on once I had basted the waistband.  It hung like a sack without any of the fitting through the hips that I had expected.  Removing the waistband, I took the skirt in a little more than half an inch on each of the sides.  This did the trick and I then had the fit and flare that I was after.

Speaking of the waistband, I really like the comfy, yoga style.  The pattern piece is a long shaped rectangle.  This gets folded in half lengthwise and the raw ends are stitched to the skirt.   It looks like this:


This is then folded in half again lengthwise to look like this:



The pieces are quite fun to put together and I can see doing this in stripes, multi colours or co-ordinating prints.  Here is a look at the inside so that you can see what I mean:



Essentially, the skirt as you can see is comprised of three angle cut pieces and one waistband.  The front and back are the same – pull on and go.

Here is a picture of me in it.  I’ve paired it with a white tank and a knit sweater that I have had forever and a day.




And because I am 5’10”, here is a different shot so you can see the length.


I know!  I am sporting a pair of the pastiest legs you ever want to see.  What can I say…it has been a long winter, for sure!

Finally, here is a shot that has given us all a laugh.  Our curious pup was trying to figure out the noise coming from the camera and ended up taking his own picture.

I give you…Australian Shepherd canine selfie.  It’s a little blurry but not bad for a first attempt.



Bye for now,




  • Sylvia

    Andrea, I just purchased this pattern and look forward to making it for the fall. I plan to use a similar fabric but making a black diagonal stripe. Thanks for your blog. Your results are gorgeous and I look forward to adding the skirt to my wardrobe.

  • Andrea

    It really is a great skirt and I have worn it many times. Good luck with yours. I have a stripe knit in my stash and was thinking about another. Make sure you share pictures!

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