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McCalls 3830 – Wardrobe Builder

Hello all,

One key area of focus for me this year is wardrobe building by adding some basics to my closet.  My description of basics means sewing classic, stylish patterns which will integrate well with each other or with other pieces that I already have.  This isn’t about trends or fads; rather it is about having garments that can be worn confidently for years to come and ones that I can mix and match.

Such is the case with McCalls 3830 which is a pattern for a basic straight skirt with several length options as seen here:


This pattern fits the bill quite nicely and I can tell you right now that I will be making a few more of these.

I used a white cotton/lycra denim that I purchased from my local Fabricland.  What a great fabric this is with just enough stretch to ensure comfort, without bagging out or growing throughout the day.

All seams were sewn, pressed open, serged and then top stitched 1/4″ from the seamline.

McCalls patterns usually fit me quite well and I didn’t need to make many adjustments.  In this case, I made none.  The pattern itself couldn’t be easier; two front darts, two back darts, a walking slit in the back and a zipper.

The multi lengths included in the pattern make this a real bargain although I am most comfortable with lengths that skim or end below my knees.  This can be made up just as formal or casual as you need as determined by the fabric choice.

Yes, I’ll be making a couple more of these in the near future.  I’d like a few colours of denim to carry me through spring and into summer.  I do think that I might peg the next effort a bit.  We’ll see…

Here it is on me.




The top that I am wearing is New Look 6838 which I have made before here.  This is also a great wardrobe builder and I may make a sleeveless version in anticipation of warmer temperatures.


It will be a month or two yet before I venture out in this as we still have plenty of snow and ice on the ground.  Hopefully a few more days of positive temperatures will get rid of most of it (fingers crossed).






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