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Hello all,

A bit of a left turn today from garment sewing…

I’m currently working on a red wool coat from BurdaStyle magazine which has me vexed and dubbing it “The Red Coat of Misery”

It is set aside for the day while my jets cool.

In the meantime, I’m going to start this post by saying that much like many of you, I love home decor.  My downtime is often spent perusing Homesense, Bowring, The Bombay Company and the like.  In my own amateurish way, I have played around with creating vignettes like this,


and there has been some dabbling with florals like that.


But where I truly grind my teeth is home decor sewing.  Why do I dislike it so?  Is it because it is a series of tedious rectangles?  Is it the feeling of guilt that because I sew, I should make my own draperies or is it the sense of financial obligation to do so when I see the prices being charged in the stores for curtain panels or (heaven forbid) custom draperies?

Le sigh, all of the above.

So with that all said, the curtains in my living room and dining room were a sad state of affairs and it was just time for a re-do.

Our paint in both rooms is a buttery cream and I was quite keen to match the fabric as closely as possible for a seamless look.  In past years I have had contrasting drapes and wanted to take a softer approach this time.  The medium weight brocade chosen, which may not be too clear in these daytime photos, is a very close match.




Here is a close up of the fabric against the paint.


And because I am a fool for Downton Abbey, I added a bit of fancy, schmancy tassle trim.



I am almost finished the second pair for the dining room.  Both rooms are adjacent to each other and run the length of the house with a small divider wall between.  I have kept the paint and decor much the same for consistency and flow.

So fellow garment sewers, I ask you…do you feel the same way about home decor sewing as I do?




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