V 7876 A Little Champagne In The Afternoon

Hello all,

I just completed Vogue 7876 and although it was a little fussy here and there, I am quite pleased with the end result.


I made View A and added the short sleeves from View D using a light weight satin back crepe in a colour best described as champagne.

A little extra time was spent on this blouse as I felt that French Seams were in order and I also bound the raw edges of the facings with bias binding.

French Seams

The instructions were easy to follow but were missing finishing details for the opening where you thread the sash.  A little hand sewing seemed to be the best bet.

One thing that had me baffled was how to tie the darned thing.  I played around with it a little bit and although the pictures show the crossover sash going around the back of the blouse and meeting up with the shorter tie at the left side, I think you could probably have it going around the front too.  I reversed the fabric for the ties, using the satin side out for a little interest.


Here are a couple of pictures on the hanger.

FullSizeRender (1)


FullSizeRender (2)

And yes, those are wrinkles you see.  I pressed and steamed the heck out of this thing but it is wrinkling like a son of a gun!  Ah well, I am still glad to add it to my wardrobe.





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