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V 7876 A Little Champagne In The Afternoon

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Hello all,

I just completed Vogue 7876 and although it was a little fussy here and there, I am quite pleased with the end result.

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New Look 6838 – Back to Basics – Wardrobe Builder

Hello all,

One thing that I know for sure about my clothing habits is that I lean toward solid colours.  I’m not sure why that is.  Perhaps a deep rooted desire for neatness and organization in life.  A girl can dream…

I am in need of some basics; pieces that can be mixed and matched easily with other items in my closet.  That said, my first entry in my RTW fast fit the bill quite nicely.  I chose New Look 6838 and I made view A.

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Double, double toil and trouble; Simplicity 9891

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I have had a slow start to my RTW fast as I have been working on some costumes for a high school production of Macbeth.

Here is a picture of two dresses that I have made so far.  These are both for Lady Macbeth.  I have taken to calling the striped one “The VonTrapp” as it started out as a pair of drapes and a tablecloth.



The pattern used is Simplicity 9891 and both dresses are view B.

These came together very quickly and with no issues.  Thankfully, between the ties at the front and others at the back, fitting has been a breeze.  All they need is to be taken in a pinch at the back seam and hemmed.

I have one more to make for Lady Macduff which I will post when completed.

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